March Breakfast – Avoiding construction & property disputes (where your employees are working)

Guest speaker: Howard Jenkins
The relevance to People Management: the working environment is critical to employee satisfaction, and creating the right environment without complications is critical

If you are a current or future landlord or tenant of premises, or about to undertake building works then this session is for you. Looking at both home and business accommodation, we will be considering how to get the the basic principles right from the start, and covering a number of hints and tips to ensure that all sides understand their contractual responsibilities, and can get on with the rest of their lives and businesses. Everyone should go away aware of pitfalls and how to prepare for them, as well as hearing a few horror stories about what happens when it goes wrong. Timing is everything and recognising issues early is the key.
Our speaker, Howard Jenkins, is a very experienced Chartered Surveyor and Expert witness, now working as Senior Consultant to Baqus Construction Consultancy PLC. His exposure to a range of complex situations give him a unique understanding of what the consequences of not getting it right from the start can be.

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