About the Speakers


Because the purpose of the group is primarily learning and development, we make a few specific requests of our speakers in order to keep the quality how we want it. This page is to reassure members what they will get, and to let potential speakers know what we are looking for.

Unless previously agreed, Keynote presentations / sessions should:

  • be based on real experience
  • be interactive (in addition to Q & A at the end), with discussions or activities
  • contain practical or theoretical information
  • relate the subject to managing people
  • follow the previously published title and description
  • be prepared to expand within reason, as questions are asked
  • leave the audience more able to start tackling the issues discussed, even if it does not make them experts

Keynote presentations / sessions should not:

  • be sales-driven (‘what we can do …’   ‘benefits of using us …’ )
  • be a continuous presentation without interaction
  • be unwilling to address questions around and related to the topic
  • be pitched at a level where the audience is no better equipped when they leave.

For most speakers the above will follow their normal practice, and if you feel that these guidelines will remove an essential element of what you do, then discuss it with the meeting chair at the planning stage. Learning can be enabled by all manner of experiences!