About the Group

What this site is for

LinkedIn WebsiteWe use the LinkedIn group for tracking membership and holding online discussions, so that is the first place to go to, including joining the group.

For convenience, this site is where group members can view the event list, read details of meetings, past handouts and offer or request talks.

If you are a member of the LinkedIn group please use the forums there to offer ideas and any feedback about what else you would like to see on this site.

Quick guide

To join the group To keep down unwanted spam group membership is by approval – you ask to join, we take a look at your profile and if it looks like we would all benefit, your membership is approved (normally within 24 hours).

  1. Visit the LinkedIn group page
  2. click on the ‘join’ button
  3. wait for a welcome email
To start a discussion Go to the LinkedIn group page and get stuck in
To contact another member  Go to the LinkedIn group page , click on the members tab, connect then send the message or get contact details from their profile
To read about future meetings  Use the event list on the left side of this page.We also make an announcement in the LinkedIn group, 4 weeks and 1 week before the event so you would receive an update from there
To read about past meetings Click the category ‘meetings’ on the left then select the meeting you want to read about.
To read about future meetings Look at the event list on the left and click on the one that interests you. Booking details are on the relevant page.